Nippon Ichi Software has released a new  trailer for Hotaru no Nikki that shows some gameplay, as well as the dark, mysterious universe at the end of time.

Hotaru no Nikki is a puzzle action game that strays from NIS’s usual RPGs. In the previous trailer, we entered the depths of the depths of a dark ruin on December 31, 9999, where the heroine Mion awakens amid a rain of rust, with no memories and no guidance but a single firefly.

Using the PS Vita’s touch screen, you control the firefly and guide Mion through various platforming levels to deliver her to the outside world. Along with puzzle elements, it seems you will also control a “shadow” firefly who can influence objects through their shadows.

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Hotaru no Nikki’s mysterious world invades the PlayStation Vita on June 19. Also available is the limited edition package, which includes an artbook, soundtrack CD, and two cute can patches.

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