Gust has released more information and screenshots of the newest game in the Atelier series, including flashy pictures of the two heroines in battle.

Like in previous Atelier games, you can fight with a team of six people, including three vanguard and three support members who can switch in and out while doing Assist moves. Although the battle system follows the same traditions as the past Atelier games, there is more emphasis on doing consecutive attacks and increasing your chain count.

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Whenever you attack, you will fill up the Burst Gauge, which will activate Burst Mode when it is full. In Burst Mode, your attacks will do more damage the higher your chain is, your support members can do assist moves more quickly, and you can unleash super-powerful Burst Attacks.


Even bigger than Burst Mode is the Field Burst, in which the entire field changes, all of your attacks are critical hits, and your chain increase even more rapidly.


Atelier Shallie has two very different heroines who are both called “Shallie”. Shallistera is a serious, docile girl who has lived in an old, rural town, while Shallote is a bright, energetic girl who lives in a bustling city. Despite their differences, their journey cross paths eventually.


“That person is called Shallie, too?”


“Huh, our eyes met for a second.”

The two girls will be joined by several friends, including some characters Gust has now revealed.

Jurie Crotze (VA: Kanae Itou)



A lone treasure hunter who looks for treasure in order to get rich quick and provide a happy lifestyle for her little sister. She has always like books and often talks about and records her adventures so she can write about them someday.

Miruca Crotze (VA: Rina Hidaka)



Shallote’s childhood friend and a skilled alchemist who came to the city to learn new skills. She comes from a long line of blacksmiths. She also has a quiet personality and a sharp tongue, so people tend to think she is bitter. She tends to be pessimistic, but she is incredibly passionate about alchemy. Ever since she moved to the city, she has distanced herself from her older sister, but she still thinks dearly of her.

Solle Grumman (VA: Daisuke Matsubara)



A government official who came from far away to investigate the city of Stellard and establish branches. It’s unclear what kind of branches he wants to establish, but it seems that Stellard’s city council doesn’t want to help him. He is a calm person with a sharp tongue who likes to make candy and talk about money.

Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Ocean comes out for the PlayStation 3 on June 26. In the meantime, you can watch the Atelier Escha & Logy anime airing now.

Source: Dengeki


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