Imagine potato girl Sasha manning the counter at a convenience store or pretty Krista Lenz working at an idol cafe? How about Levi giving you service (without the smile) in a family restaurant or Hanji Zoe working at a pet store? Japanese employment website MyNavi Baito is giving these Survey Corps members some part-time jobs as part of their new collaboration with the hit series, Attack on Titan.


The collaboration includes a special lottery for MyNavi Baito members which will let them win a variety of prizes from movie tickets and Quo Cards to Special Edition Attack on Titan wallpapers and even 10,000 yen in cash.


Their latest campaign, which lasts from April 15-30, 2014, features the lovely Krista working on an idol cafe where she is often called an “Angel” or a “Goddess” by customers. Meanwhile, Good’ol Heichou Levi is working part-time as a waiter in a family restaurant. Well these establishment often requires its workers to smile, I wonder how that will play out?


Finally, we have Sasha working at a 24-hour convenience store. Well, it will be certain that she will certainly give a smile to her customers, but its the food in the convenience store that I’m more worried about… and the new campaign poster has revealed that she’s been eyeing the meat buns since she started her new part-time job. Well, I certainly hope nothing goes missing after her shifts.

According to the MyNavi official website, MyNavi Baito is “a comprehensive website that provides part-time job information covering all of Japan. The user can search through various conditions regarding a part-time job—the job location, train line, nearest station, type of work, management conditions, etc.—to help them quickly find the kind of job that best fits them. Smartphone and mobile phone version have been created, making easy, anytime job searches possible.”  People who are members of this website will not only be able to find info on the part-time jobs of their choosing, but thanks to this campaign, they may also win some awesome Attack on Titan goodies and cash as well.

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Source: MyNavi Baito


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