Pirated kits or bootlegs as they are often called has been a problem faced by many companies in modern times, even with the existence and implementation of the copyright law. Everything from clothes and music to food and toiletries have been bootlegged. Not even anime goods, video games, figures and GunPla are safe.

Now however, after a long time, Bandai has finally made a major warning to everybody about these bootlegs. Here is their announcement:


Pirated kits such as the TT Hongli Strike Freedom pictured in the left hand side are known to be a lot cheaper yet have poor plastic and coloring quality and get easily damaged.  Bandai has already sued and won a case against TT Hongli for the pirated GunPla back in 2010 but these bootlegs are still in the market today. They are still sold in malls and online shops everywhere so be vigilant if you don’t want any poor quality GunPla kits.

As said in the image, the manufacture and sale of bootleg GunPla is strictly prohibited and may incur criminal punishment to offenders caught.

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Source: Gundam.info


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