The very first episode of moe anime, Is the Order a Rabbit? or Gochūmon wa Usagi Desu ka? (GochiUsa) is one of the most highly awaited premieres this fully loaded Spring 2014 season and it features some very unique latte art done by Rabbit House Cafe staff and main characters Cocoa, Rize and Chino.

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Now, well renowned barista, Belcorno has recreated episode 1’s unique works of coffee art and posted it via his twitter page. The tank latte art, which was made by Rize was the most impressive among the three, so did Belcorno pull it off?


He even made a latte art out of main character, Cocoa.


Belcorno has gained notoriety in his latte artworks which mostly feature anime characters, vocaloid characters, Japanese mascots and Tokusatsu heroes. Here are some of his featured works


Don’t they just look too good to drink?

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source: Belcorno Twitter Page


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