Today, April 19, 2014 marks the birthday of Love Live!‘s resident composer, Maki Nishikino and surely enough, her legions of fans have taken to twitter to celebrate today’s very special occasion. They celebrated it with the #西木野真姫生誕祭2014

Some have posted their own original artworks like Aoi_nishimata


Others like SAO98570 did a special collage to celebrate April 19


Meanwhile,  had this to say


He also posted an image of his personal Maki shrine


Renowned latte artist BELCORNO , who recreated the latte art from GochiUsa’s premiere episode meanwhile greeted Maki-chan with her own very special latte art.


Mayobanshee had a “modest” celebration with a slice of cake and a couple of Maki’s singles


Haka_se7 took the celebration to Minecraft as he recreated Maki-chan in the game just for her birthday. Ain’t that just sweet?


 did this cute birthday dedication


While Kouraine had a special maki cake along with a shrine dedicated to Maki


Finally, cosplayer Chisabara celebrated Maki’s birthday by not cosplaying the μ’s member but also presented a custom Maki cake


You can also check out how other fans celebrated the birthdays of their own favorite anime characters through this link:

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