It has already been an entire decade since light novel author Kazuma Kamachi introduced to us the lovable characters from A Certain series like Index, Touma, Mikoto, Kuroko, Stiyl, Kanzaki, Accelerator, Mugino, Hamazura, Misaki, Uiharu, Saten and the rest of the lovable gang from the Science and Magic sides.



10 years after the first light novel was released back in April 10, 2004, a new 10th anniversary website has just been opened and it teases fans at what to expect from A Certain series in the future.


The website also takes a look back at the series which has become one of the most celebrated light novel and anime series of all time with a timeline. It takes us back to 2004 when the first volume was released until it ended in 2011. It also includes the launch of the New Testament series which serve as a sequel to the first LN series as well as the launch of the A Certain Magical Index anime and movie, A Certain Scientific Railgun manga and anime as well as the A Certain Scientific Accelerator manga.


The website also contains several greetings and messages from various artists and authors


It has also been announced that the light novel’s author, Kazuma Kamachi will be launching a new light novel series which will be under Dengeki Bunko. No further information on this new series has been revealed thus far. Kiyotaka Haimura, the illustrator for the light novels will also be releasing his second artbook this summer.

So, what are your favorite moments from the series so far? And what announcements are you looking forward to?

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Source: A Certain 10th anniversary website


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