Monthly manga magazine Dengeki Daioh is celebrating 20 years of publication, and as part of their celebrations, they gave the fans a taste of what to expect for their 20th Anniversary issue(May 2014 issue), which will be released on April 26, 2014, over at the JR Akihabara station.


The special 20th Anniversary issue, which features their biggest titles fro, A Certain Scientific Railgun to Yotsuba &, can be purchased online via for 740 yen

The JR Akihabara images preview scenes from the upcoming chapters of several of Dengeki Daioh’s manga. Here’s one from A Certain Scientific Railgun showing main character Mikoto having a moment with Index main character Touma.

daioh_001_cs1w1_720x666 daioh_002_cs1w1_384x400

The anime adaptation of The Irregular at Magic High School is certainly riding a strong wave of hype and its manga version is continuing on its popularity. This JR Akihabara preview has Miyuki showing off her sweetness to her brother.

daioh_003_cs1w1_526x daioh_004_cs1w1_590x

Here’s a preview for the A Channel manga

daioh_005_cs1w1_590x daioh_006_cs1w1_590x

Chiho, Sadao, Lucifer, and Emilia meanwhile are having some baby trouble in this preview for Hataraku Maou-sama! and looks like the Dark Lord may have a lot more in his hands than dealing with just work.

daioh_007_cs1w1_578x daioh_008_cs1w1_590x

Speaking of previews, Dengeki Online also released several previews of the upcoming Dengeki Daioh manga chapters including a fan service shot of The Irregular At Magic High School’s Miyuki and a dazed and confused Chiho from Hataraku Maou-sama!

daioh_009_cs1w1_590x daioh_010_cs1w1_400x daioh_011_cs1w1_400x daioh_012_cs1w1_590x

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