Boys’ Love or B.L. or Yaoi has already become a thriving part of Japan’s otaku subculture thanks to the rise of the fujoshis (literally means rotten girl) who have been increasing in population, especially in events like the Animate Girls’ Festival and Comiket.

Now, Japanese anime website has announced the winners of their 5th Annual BL Awards and not surprisingly, its #1 spot went to Kyoto Animation’s Free! which is considered 2013’s best female-oriented anime series.


The swimming anime took out Attack on Titan which is considered 2013’s biggest anime. The hit shounen anime series about humanity’s struggle against the titans made it to #2 with 975 points. While the Free! win may not be that surprising, many will find Attack on Titan’s entry at #2 to be a pleasant surprise. However, in Japan, there are many “doujinshis” featuring various AoT pairings like “Eren X Levi”, “Eren X Armin”, “Jean X Armin”, etc. which are certainly popular among the fujoshi community.


The next winner really ain’t that surprising as Kuroko’s Basketball, which is extremely popular among the fujoshi community, takes third place with 771 points


here are the other winners:

4th/5th place (tie):

Gintama the movie and Uta no Prince-sama – Maji Love 2000% (351 points each)

rank_anime_4 rank_anime_5

6th place: Yowamushi Pedal (259 points)


7th Place: Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East (194 points)


8th place: Ace of Diamond (167 points)


9th place: Hetalia The Beautiful World (101 points)


10th Place: Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist (83 points)


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