Two tanks which were featured in the hit anime series, Girls und Panzer made their presence felt and thrilled the crowd during a football game between J-League Division 2 Roasso Kumamoto and the Girls und Panzer-sponsored Mito Hollyhock FC yesterday, April 29, 2014.

The game definitely had a Girls und Panzer theme to it as the Nishizumi sisters, Miho and Maho, along with the other members of Oarai’s Shensha-do team were featured in the game’s official poster.


Outside K’s Denki Stadium, which is the Mito Hollyhock FC home stadium, the two Oarai tanks were on full display and they are the Angler Fish team’s Panzer IV and the Duck Team’s Type 89 tank which was once featured as a Christmas tree thanks to World of Tanks.


Fans got to have their pictures taken with a “Tiger I” tank as well as the Panzer IV and the Type 89.


Fans even got to have a pep rally before the game which the Girls und Panzer-sponsored team won.


The official Girls und Panzer twitter page also called upon fans to come wearing the Mito Hollyhock FC Girls und Panzer jerseys and the fans surely did not disappoint. They even had a commemorative photo.

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Source: Girls und Panzer twitter page and Yaraon!


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