In Japan, April not only means the peak of the Cherry Blossom (sakura) season but it also means the start of a new school year where students want to start fresh and of course, hope for a certain senpai to notice them. To celebrate the start of this new school year, the official Gundam website, has asked people which Gundam character do they want to talk to on the first day of school?

Some of these Gundam characters are known to be ordinary students who were mostly forced into becoming pilots because of war, you know, typical Gundam main protagonist stuff. With a total of 6,928 votes, here are the official results:

5) Sei Iori (Gundam Build Fighters): 9.53%


This Gundam enthusiast is a master GunPla builder so many fans may want to talk to him for GunPla building tips or just sharing stories about their favorite Gundam series. Well, either that or they just want to get a chance to talk to his “hot mom”.

4) Asemu Asuno (Gundam AGE): 9.71%


This long-haired blonde Gundam pilot has been known to be quite popular with the ladies so him making it to #4 in the list is hardly any surprise at all. Asemu is a determined fighter and will do anything to protect them, even faking his own death.

3) Banagher Links (Gundam UC): 18.74%


Dedicated and loyal, Banagher Links will do everything to help Audrey Burne/ Mineva Zabi and as this official poll shows, looks like a lot of people wants this senpai to notice them on the first day of school.

2) Kira Yamato (Gundam SEED): 30.28%


This seemingly ordinary student starts out as “normal boy” who just wants to be noticed by his Kouhai, Flay Allster. Now, this “Perfect Coordinator” with the power of the “SEED” is one of the most highly skilled warriors of the Cosmic Era and is at #2 in the list.

1) Seabook Arno (Gundam F-91): 31.74%


The surprising winner of this official poll is Seabook Arno who fought against the Crossbone Vanguard aboard his Gundam F-91 before leading the resistance against the Jupiter Empire in Yoshiyuki Tomino’s Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam manga. His good heart and great piloting skills may have led him to upset Kira to make it to the #1 spot.

Do you agree with’s findings?

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