It has been more than two years since Hunter X Hunter mangaka (manga writer) Yashihiro Togashi went on hiatus for health reasons and fans have understandably grown rather impatient. Now however, Shueisha has recently revealed that Gon, Killua, Kurapika and Leorio, along with all the most lovable characters of the series will finally be making their long-awaited return which will surely be welcomed by many fans of the manga.


The official Shounen Jump! website even opened a special page announcing the manga and the mangaka’s return. Yashihiro Togashi started his hiatus last March 2012 mainly because of his poor health. He previously returned to make a prequel chapter for the Hunter X Hunter movie titled Hunter x Hunter: Phantom Rouge which was shown last year.


More details on this long awaited come back will be announced on issue 22 and 23 of Weekly Shounen Jump! magazine.

Viz Media, which distributes the manga in English also confirmed that Togashi will indeed be making his come back. They also announced that they will be simultaneously releasing English versions of the manga every week as soon as Togashi returns.

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Source: Viz Media and Shounen Jump! official


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