Compile Heart‘s official youtube channel has finally streamed the latest PV for Hyperdimension Neptunia VII (Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory II) and it certainly gives a cryptic message as it shows viewers several mysterious keywords.

The mysterious keywords are “Mega Dimension,” “Zero Dimension,” “Gold Third,” “The Goddess who fell into the Dark Side, “Gameindustri’s change” “series’ greatest looming threat,” and “Violent Gameindustri battle over the dimensions”. The PV looks very much like the one shown during the Dengeki Game Festival when the game was first announced along with  Choujigen Action Neptune U (Hyperdimension Action Neptunia U) last March 16, 2014.

nep a nep b nep c nep d nep e

More will be announced on this new game in the future.

A teaser site has also been opened for Choujigen Action Neptune U (Hyperdimension Action Neptunia U) which confirms that the game will be released for the PS Vita

nep u

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