The [email protected] franchise has grown tremendously ever since it was released for the Xbox 360. Now, it’s moving yet another step forward with a brand new anime series centered around the Cinderella Girls.

Just today, an anime adaptation of The [email protected] Cinderella Girls was announced at a solo event in Yokohama Amphitheatre. So far, we know it will be produced with the same staff as the [email protected] anime series, including A-1 Pictures and director Noriko Takao. In addition, it is scheduled to air in January 2015. An official trailer has been released (at the top of this story), and the official site will go live anytime now. (The trailer has been fixed and the official site is open now.)

Bonus video: 


Cinderella Girls is very different from the mainline [email protected] games since it has over 100 idols. Which ones do you want to see in motion?

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