The [email protected]’s Cinderella Girls have made some more announcements on the second day of their solo event. No, none of them top the anime adaptation, but there is plenty of new music coming up.

Five more idols are getting their own singles in the [email protected] Cinderella Master series on April 30. bringing the total to 30 CDs. Joining the CD series is an honor, since the idols don’t have their own voice actresses in the mobile game.

Cinderella Master 026 Shouko Hoshi (VA: Satsumi Matsuda)


Shouko is a shy girl who’s not good at interacting with people. However, after you train her in the game, her personality changes drastically (as you can tell by the picture). She has an obsession with mushrooms, including growing and eating them. Some argue that this is the cause of her one-eighty.

Cinderella Master 027 Nao Kamiya (VA: Eriko Matsui)


Nao is a classic tsundere character. She’s also good friends with Karen and Rin.

Cinderella Master 028 Karen Houjou (VA: Mai Fuchigami)


Although Karen longs to be an idol, she has a weak body and spent most of her life hospitalized. That’s why when she trains, she tends to get tired easily.

Cinderella Master 029 Sae Kobayakawa (VA: Rika Tachibana)


Sae is a native of Kyoto with a gentle nature and a unique accent.

Cinderella Master 030 Yuuko Hori (VA: Eri Suzuki)


Yuuko claims to be psychic and always carries around a spork. Bending spoons is her only ability, but she is also working on spreading happiness with her idol powers, as well as X-ray vision.

Along with the singles, a couple more announcements were made at the Cinderella Girls’ concert on Sunday.

  • The Cinderella Girls CD series have sold over 1 million copies, which is a huge landmark since the first singles were released in April 2012.
  • There will be another installment in the Cinderella Master Jewelry series, which consist of song covers by other artists.
  • To celebrate the new singles, a special event will be held on May 31, as well as a public recording of the web radio show “DereRadi”.
  • The Cinderella Girls will perform in Animelo Summer Live, Nico Nico Chokaigi, and Machi Asobi.

Lastly, the midpoint results of the 3rd Cinderella Girls General Elections have been revealed, and the current top five are:

  1. Rin Shibuya
  2. Chieri Ogata
  3. Uzuki Shimamura
  4. Mio Honda
  5. Nana Abe

With their first solo concert over and a new anime and more music coming out, the Cinderella Girls are truly transforming like fairy tale princesses.


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