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A number of the characters from The [email protected]: Cinderella Girls (Mobage) and Million Live (GREE) social games will be making guest appearances in The [email protected]: One For All for the PS3 as DLC, this week’s Famitsu magazine has revealed.

Unlike the regular cast, these DLC idols from Cinderella Girls and Million Live cannot actually be produced as part of One For All’s main campaign mode.

However, you will be able to pit your idol units against them as your rivals in special Fes performances (these are unit vs. unit stages in the game, as opposed to regular auditions where you’re competing against a large group of other nameless idol units for a spot to, say, perform on TV).

You can also watch the Cinderella Girls and Million Live guest characters perform their respective hit singles in the S4U mode, a gallery mode of sorts.

The first such guest idol to be announced for PS3 title is Serika Hakozaki (CV: Momo Asakura), one of the 765 Million Stars — that’s what the characters are called, collectively — from The [email protected]: Million Live.

Silhouettes of a character from Cinderella Girls were also shown in this week’s Famitsu magazine feature of The [email protected]: One For All, but her identity is obscured for now.

A number of such guest characters will be gradually unveiled.

The [email protected]: One For All (PS3) comes out in Japan May 15. You can purchase a physical copy of the game from Play-Asia here, or get a Japan/Asia PSN card here to buy a digital copy.

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Source: Weekly Famitsu magazine


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