Famitsu has released a new gameplay video of the highly anticipated The [email protected]: One for All, hosted by the real life producer Youzou Sakagami and guest starring a certain character from a certain smartphone game.

In this video, we get some peeks at some old songs, including Go My Way! and Ready!! One of the new features highlighted in this video is the ability to coordinate individual parts of the idols’ costumes.

Last but not least, we get to Ranko Kanzaki, the chuunibyou of Cinderella Girls, moving in 3D for the first time and performing her image song Hana Tsubomi Yume Miru Rhapsodia ~Arma no Michibiki~. Ranko will be available as a DLC character, as well as other girls from Cinderella Girls and Million Live.

The [email protected]ter: One for All comes out for the PlayStation 3 on May 15.

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