With the upcoming anime adaptation of Yoshikazu Yasuhiko’s popular manga, official Gundam website, gundam.info, has recently revealed the five key characters for Gundam: The Origin‘s first part known as Kidou Senshi Gundam: The Origin I: Aoi Hitomi no Casval or Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin: Blue-Eyed Casval.


The key characters are:

Casval Rem Deikun– Son of Zeon Zun Deikun and Astraia Toa Deikun, he is the boy who will grow up to become the infamous “Red Comet”, Char Aznable, ace pilot and eventual leader of the Principality of Zeon.


Artesia Som Deikun– Casval’s little sister who will eventually grow up into Sayla Mass, one of the love interests for her elder brother’s greatest rival, Amuro Ray, “The White Devil” of the Earth Federation and pilot of the RX-78-2 Gundam.


Zeon Zun Deikun– Chairman of the Munzo Autonomous Republic and father of Casval and Artesia. A philosopher and the creator of the Newtype theory, his children will soon grow into powerful Newtypes themselves in the future


Degwin Sodo Zabi– Vice Chairman of the Munzo Autonimous Region, he becomes Zeon’s political opponent and will be the one responsible for his assassination. He will become the grandfather of Gundam UC’s Mineva Lao Zabi who is also known as Audrey Burne.


Jimba Ral– Close friend for Zeon, he hides Casval and Artesia from the Zabis to protect them. He is the father of Zeon ace Ramba Ral who is known as the “Blue Giant”.


Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin I will be set in UC 0068, years before the events of Mobile Suit Gundam in UC 0079 and will follow the young Deikun siblings as they face their father’s assassination. It is scheduled to be released in Japanese theaters in Spring 2015 and will be the first movie to a four-part series.


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source: Gundam.info


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