A Korean GunPla modeler has showed off his latest creation, however, this 200cm (about 6 feet) Gundam ain’t made of plastic like the usual GunPla.


This Gundam Exia which was featured in Mobile Suit Gundam 00 is made of paper instead of the traditional plastic usually used in GunPla and modeler rarra1121 applied in a whole lot of details into his monstrous papercraft. Because it is big and made of paper, he admitted that he had to use a lot of stands inside to keep the Exia’s frame from falling apart.

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He said that he used a lot of LED lights to give this Mobile Suit a more realistic look. Here is a size comparison between the papaercraft Exia and a human being:


Like ChaosBrick who built virtual diva Hatsune Miku completely out of legos, rarra1121 also posted his WIP’s (works in progress) from the Exia’s GN Drive and head to its GN Blade and shield and legs.

Àüü001 Àüü002 Àüü004 Àüü005 Àüü006

He admitted that the biggest challenge was keeping the frame intact, but it seems he really pulled it off because this papercraft Exia looks amazing. He also said that it took him more than a month and a half to complete, and looks like his patience in building this great piece of paper art payed really off.

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Source: rarra1121


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