Premium Bandai is giving Madoka Magica fans a special treat with these Soul Gems which were featured in the TV anime series as well as the movies. These Soul Gems come as a set of seven and includes the Soul Gems of Madoka, Homura, Sayaka, Mami and Kyouko along with Homura’s tainted Soul Gem and her Grief Seed which was featured in the third movie, The Rebellion Story.


Each Soul Gem/Grief Seed measures in at approximately 59mm in height and comes with LED light gimmicks so you can make these Soul Gems glow like they do the in the anime.

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These light-up Soul Gems are scheduled for release on August 2014 and can now be pre-ordered until June 20, 2014 via the Premium Bandai Online Shop for 5,400 yen.

Remember, these come as a set so you cannot purchase them individually, and if you do purchase them, just make sure to keep them pure and always be careful of Kyuubey.

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Source: P-Bandai


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