In honor of their second season, Love Live! is collaborating with Akihabara’s Cure Maid Cafe to serve a limited edition menu with exclusive goodies for Love Live! fans.

As fans may know, Love Live! previously collaborated with Cure Maid Cafe when the first season aired, and the cafe was even featured in episode 9.

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Now that the second season is here, Cure Maid Cafe will serve a new Love Live!-themed menu from April 25 to June 29.

Character Image Drinks (400 yen each)

Honoka Kousaka

Grapefruit juice, orange juice, and iced tea with orange slice.


Eli Ayase

Blue Hawaii syrup, Ramune syrup, and soda with lemon slice.


Kotori Minami

White grape syrup, and Calpis syrup with whipped cream and silver dragées.


Umi Sonoda

Kurozu grape and berry syrup, blue hawaii, and Calpis with blueberry.


Rin Hoshizora

Mango soda with whipped cream and star-shaped sugar.


Maki Nishikino

Grenadine syrup, rose syrup, and ginger ale, with mixed berries.


Nozomi Toujou

Kyoho grape syrup and milk with whipped cream and blueberry sauce.


Hanayo Koizumi

Green apple syrup, Calpis, and milk with whipped cream and herbs.


Nico Yazawa

Peach syrup, liquid yogurt, and strawberry soda with whipped cream strawberry syrup.


Kotori’s Lemonade Float

Kotori’s favorite lemonade with lemon sorbet.



Nico and Nozomi Cheese Cream Tagliatelle (800 yen)

Tagliatelle based on the cover art of Nico and Nozomi’s duo single, “Otome Shiki Ren’ai Juku”, packed with cheese cream sauce and accompanied by salad.


Kotori and Hanayo Salmon Salad Bowl (1,000 yen)

A salad rice bowl based on Kotori and Hanayo’s duo single, “Kokuhaku Biyori, Desu!”


Salmon, Salsa, and Turkey Picnic Basket (1,000 yen, available only from April 25 to May 25)

Marinated salmon in tomato salsa and turkey coated with balsamic vinegar both wrapped in tacos, accompanied by fries and milk tea mousse.


Minarinsky-san’s Artistic Omelet Rice (1,000 yen, available only from May 26 to June 29)

Omelet rice with ketchup art by the legendary maid Minarinsky accompanied by a paper flag and baby chick salad. The flag comes in two designs picked at random.



Honoka and Rin Fruits Dance Parfait (600 yen)

A Parfait float based on Honoka and Rin’s duo single, “Mermaid festa vol.2 ~Passionate~”, with cooconut and pineapple ice cream topped with tropical fruits and jelly.


Umi, Maki, and Eli Assorted Patisserie (780 yen)

Confections based on Umi, Maki, and Eli’s trio single “Soldier game”, topped with chocolate mousse and berry chocolate mousse.


Maki-chan’s Strawberry-filled Birthday Cake (2,200 yen, available only from April 25 to May 25)

A 12cm-diameter cake with strawberries, so you can celebrate Maki’s birthday either by yourself or with your friends.


Nozomi-chan’s Blueberry-filled Birthday Cake (2,200 yen, available only from May 26 to June 29)

A 12cm diameter cake with blueberries, so you can celebrate Nozomi’s birthday (June 9) either by yourself or with friends.


Also available is the “Sore wa Bokutachi no Kiseki” secret drink based on the opening theme of season 2 of Love Live! The contents of the drink, however, are yet to be revealed.


As a bonus, for each item you order, you will receive a random portrait of one of the members of μ’s.


Also on sale are the Minarinsky mug cup with lid and the Honoka-Umi-Eli-Nozomi glass (1,000 yen each).

 ミナリンスキーフタマグ_キュア限定verまとめOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Lastly, Cure Maid Cafe is also holding the “Early Summer Breeze Picnic Girl Election”, where guests can vote for the member of μ’s whom they would like to go on a picnic with.

As if one cafe isn’t enough, Love Live! is also collaborating with Good Smile x Animate Cafe to serve another menu the same day as Cure Maid Cafe.


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