Only four years after its creation, the Love Live! franchise has now sold over one million CD’s. This achievement was announced by Love Live’s official Twitter account alongside the release of the second season’s opening single, “Sore wa Bokutachi no Kiseki”.


Without a doubt, thousands of Love Livers have flooded music stores to pick up a copy of the latest single today. Heck, one person on Twitter bought a hundred copies.


Of course, Love Live! hit its stride when the first anime aired in 2013 and its popularity skyrocketed, but even before then, the franchise had released 16 singles and held two concerts. Now, Love Live! has released a total of 27 singles, one best-of album, and 18 solo collection albums, as well as the anime’s original soundtrack. The best selling single from μ‘s is “Takaramono’s”, which sold over 50,000 copies in three weeks, although Bokutachi no Kiseki may surpass even that.

Also, there are two more singles coming in May with the ending theme, “Donna Toki mo Zutto” and the insert song from episode 3, “Yume no Tobira”. With the second season of the anime airing right now and more singles coming over the horizon (plus three PS Vita games coming this summer), you can definitely expect Love Live! to go through another growth spurt.


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