To celebrate the Blu-ray/ DVD release of the blockbuster film, Madoka Magica: The Rebellion Story, Sega-AG Square is giving Madoka Magica fans some very special treats and goodies as they announce their newest collaboration with the highly popular magical girl anime.


Fans can win cool prizes from various Sega UFO Catchers like these Madoka Magica clear files which come in three different sets. It costs 500 yen per game so better rev up your crane game skills to win.

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Sega will also be reproducing several scenes from the movie like the gunfight sceane and the Ultimate Madoka appearance scene with these diorama figures.

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You can even win some very special MadoMagi treats like these Madoka Kaname Matcha Cookies, Homura Akemi Chocolate Cookies, Madoka Magica cough drops, Madoka Magica chocolate cakes and even the Dark Orb cookies by playing the UFO Catcher.

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More prizes will also be added in the future

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Lawson and HMV is also part of this campaign and they will also be giving away these coasters as part of the campaign.

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The campaign will involve 199 AG Square stores all over Japan as well as Lawson and HMV stores and Sega Akihabara. The campaign will last only until June 1, 2014.

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