The studio responsible for Kin-iro Mosaic and the Atelier Escha & Logy anime has announced that they are working on an anime adaptation of Lance N’ Masques, an action light novel series about medieval knights in modern Japan.

Written by Hideaki Koyasu (scenario writer of Yuru Yuri and GJ-bu) and illustrated by Shino, Lance N’ Masques is centered around a boy named Youtarou Hanabusa who flees from “The Knights of the World”, an organization of knights that has secretly existed since the Middle Ages. He eventually comes under the care of a girl named Makio Kidouin and decides to protect her under the alias, “The Masked Knight, Night Lancer”, until he learns the unbelievable truth about her —.

lance masquelance masque 2

Lance N’ Masques was first published last December as one of the first six books to be released under Pony Canyon’s new imprint, PoniCan Books (which was strangely formed shortly after Kadokawa merged nine of their subsidiaries, including the one responsible for the Dengeki brand).

The second volume will be released on May 3, and more news on the anime will be announced during Pony Canyon’s Nico broadcast “PoniCan Zen-Bu!” on May 2.

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