It has barely been 24 hours since the second episode of Love Live! season 2 was first aired and the anime has now produced the latest in a long list of anime holy lands where fans can visit or do their anime pilgrimages.


To prepare for the new Love Live school idol festival, the μ’s decide to go on a camping trip to train for the event. Now, fans of the series have identified the exact location of the location of the μ’s camping trip and from the looks of things, it will soon be flooded by anime tourists just like the town of Oarai (from Girls und Panzer) and Iwami (from Free!). Here’s a map of the are which was featured in the anime’s second episode.


The fans have identified the location of the μ’s training camp site to be in Yamakita town which is near Lake Tanzawa which is in Kanagawa prefecture. Here’s a map of the area, doesn’t it look like the map featured above?


Some fans have even posted instructions on getting to the campsite. From Tokyo, you must ride down the Tokaido line to Kozu Station before transferring to the Gotemba line to get to Yamakita Station.


Those are some highly dedicated fans, huh? I surely hope that since its a camping site and near a lake, the anime tourists and pilgrims will treat the area with respect and preserve its pristine and natural setting.

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Source: May_nakamuraya twitter page and Yamakita tourism website


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