We have already announced that the magical girls of Madoka Magica will be exchanging costumes with the girls over at Nisekoi, however, it only showed Madoka Magica‘s Homura and Madoka and Nisekoi‘s Chitoge and Onodera doing the costume exchange.


Now, a brand new image from the collaboration has surfaced and it reveals the five Madoka Magica girls in full Nisekoi attire. The image shows Madoka as the feisty Marika Tachibana, Homura as “main girl #1” Chitoge Kirisaki, Miki as “main girl #2” Kosaki Onodera, Mami as Onodera’s best friend Ruri Miyamoto and Kyouko as Chitoge’s tomboy bodyguard Seishirou Tsugumi.


This is part of the collaboration between free-to-play social game apps for the Android and iOS, Madoka Magica Plus and Nisekoi. The collaboration will not only feature the “Costume Exchange” for both apps which will feature the characters wearing each other’s costumes.


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