Good Smile Company is following up their popular Natsu Dragneel figure with yet another wacky Fairy Tail guild member – the ice mage who just loves to strip, Gray Fullbuster.


Like the real Gray, you can take his shirt off, Gray just loves taking his shirt off. Measuring approximately 220mm in height, this 1/7 scale PVC figure is sculpted by Yuusuke Yokohama and presents Gray about to cast an Ice Creation spell. Remember never to threaten Grey or Juvia will drown you… painfully. Now, “Ice Make!”

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Good Smile Compay Gray Fullbuster is scheduled for release September 2014 and is now available for reservations via the Good Smile Online Shop for 9,800 yen. When pre-ordered via the GSC shop, there will be a fixed shipping price of 2,000 yen no matter where you are in the world.

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