Nico Nico Choukaigi 3 is still going on over at Mahuhari Messe and surely enough, there were figure displays all over and Good Smile Company’s Kahotan previewed some of them. Now, we take a look at the other displays which include a life size reproduction of the Admiral’s Room from Kantai Collection and it even came with a Kongo cosplayer and a Shimakaze cosplayer.

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Fans can get their pictures taken in the booth along with the two cosplayers, however, you should expect over an hour of waiting in line as this booth has proven to be very popular. Speaking of Kantai Collection, one of Shimakaze’s Rensouhou-chan’s was seen walking around during the event…


As mentioned earlier, Max Factory and Good Smile Company showed off their stuff and it included a few highly anticipated upcoming figures like figma Saber 2.0 and a few new upcoming Nendoroids like Monogatari’s Shinobu, Arpeggio of Blue Steel’s  Iona and more.

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The Takara Tomy Booth meanwhile unveiled their cute little Haikyuu and Kantai Collection figures as well as their popular Transformers. They also unveiled their Attack on Titan Barrel Game which features the Colossal Titan.

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The Family Mart booth meanwhile showed some love for Hatsune Miku…


 While Lawson had the 765 Pro idols from [email protected] over at their booth


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 sources: Mantan and Akiba Hobby


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