According to the latest issue of Weekly Shounen Jump!, the girls of Nisekoi and the girls of Madoka Magica will be swapping costumes. While it may not be difficult to imagine Madoka and Homura to wear school girl costumes as they are also students, it would be really interesting to see Chitoge and Onodera as Magical Girls.


This is all part of a collaboration between the hit romantic comedy series Nisekoi and the free-to-play Konami social game app for the Android and iOS, Madoka Magica Plus. According to the announcements, the Nisekoi heroines will become available in the game and they will be available in various costumes from P.E. uniforms and school swimsuits to regular clothes and their school uniform.

This new upcoming issue of Weekly Shounen Jump! will also be giving out 200 yen ticket codes for the game’s starter pack. The collaboration is set to begin by the end of April.

Madoka Magica plus is a free-to-play Social Game from Konami, however, like many free-to-play mobile games, there are still some items that cost money. You can download the game for free via Gree.

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This collaboration may not come as a surprise to many as both Nisekoi and Madoka Magica are both produced by anime studio Shaft.

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