Bandai Namco is remaking Zeonic Front for their Mobile Suit Gundam: Side Stories collection and surely enough, you will be fighting for the glory of all spacenoids! Sieg Zeon!

The game will be following the Midnight Fenrir Team which will be deployed for advance reconnaissance, surprise attacks, and blitzkriegs in Earth. You can totally use those Zaku II’s and DOMs to punish those whose souls have been tainted by Earth’s gravity and beat the hell out of the Feddies.

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Zeonic Front allows you to use a team of three mobile suits at your disposal for both space and ground battles.

The collection will include other “Side Stories” like Missing Link, The Blue Destiny, Rise from the Ashes, and Lost War Chronicles. It will be released on May 29, 2014 for the PlayStation 3. Sieg Zeon!

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