Saitama prefecture is home to many anime holy sites like the Washinomiya Shrine which was featured in the hit anime series, Lucky Star, so it is understandable that the area has gotten a surge in tourists thanks to the anime industry.

lucky star

Now, the prefecture has launched a new project which will focus on these “Anime Holy Lands” known as the Anime Seichika Project or Anime Holy Land Project which aims to further develop the prefectures anime tourism.

Series which were based in Saitama prefecture like Lucky Star, AnoHana and Crayon Shin-chan are all featured in this new tourism project.

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The Holy lands include not only the famed Washinomiya Shrine but also the city of Chichibu which has gained much fame thanks to a certain tear-jerking anime known as AnoHana as well as Omiya Sonic City and the cities of Hanno, Kasukabe and Kawagoe. These areas will be participating in the project all to promote anime tourism.

20110712_anime02 Anohana_chichibubashi

This Anime Holy Land Project will also have the participation of several transportation companies, Commerce organizations, TV and radio stations as well as the Association of Japanese Animators.

With the continuing rise in popularity of anime tourism and anime holy land pilgrimages, it would prove to be a very lucrative venture for the prefecture and it will make many anime fans very happy indeed.

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