Fans have eagerly awaited the premiere of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Star Dust Crusaders last April 4, 2014 and surely enough, they just cannot wait to show their love for the characters. However, one very (very) famous Jojo fan seems to have gotten a lot of attention lately as she tweeted her love for one particular Jojo character.

J-pop idol, singer, voice actress and actress Shoko Nakagawa, or Shoko-tan as she is known to her fans is probably one of the most famous Jojo fans out there and before episode one has even started to air, she has already taken to twitter to show her anticipation… by biting an image of part III’s main character, Jotaro Kujo in her tablet.


And then the show finally started…

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Well, that certainly is a lot of devotion to Jotaro. Well, with a fan as famous as Shoko-tan, it seems like Jojo is even more faaaaaaaaaaaaaabulous than ever. I wonder what will happen if she does all those fabulous Jojo poses in her shows?

Jojo certainly is one of the biggest anime this Spring 2014 season and it has already taken over Tower Records and is one of ure-pia’s 10 must see anime of Spring-2014.

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Source: Shoko Nakagawa official twitter account


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