The Sony Building in Tokyo’s Ginza district recently got webbed by one of Marvel Comics‘ most Amazing super heroes, Spider-Man. Sony unveiled a 2.5 meter doll of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man yesterday, April 15, 2014.

spidey a

This radioactive Marvel super hero with superhuman strength, agility and hyper keen senses does whatever a spider can and he proves it with the diorama which featured him seven meters up in the air while firing his web shooter into a corner of the Sony building. Kabuki actor Shido Nakamura who voices Electro in the Japanese dub version unveiled the diorama while cosplaying as Spidey.

spidey f spidey g

The diorama is part of Sony’s promotion of the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie which will pit Good’ol Web Head (played by Andrew Garfield) against Electro (played by Academy Award winning actor Jamie Foxx), The Rhino (Played by Paul Giamatti) and the Green Goblin (played by Dane DeHaan).

spidey e

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The movie rights to Spider-Man is currently owned by Sony and the movie will be directed by Marc Webb and produced by Avi Arad. It will hit the US and Canada on May 2, 2014, Taiwan on April 23, Japan on April 25, The Philippines on April 30, and Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia on May 1, 2014.

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