Square Enix has officially revealed the mystery game they teased on April Fool’s Day as Schoolgirl Strikers, a light novel-style RPG for the iOS with a story of girls in a desperate situation.

Like many mobile games, it’s free-to-play with microtransactions. The teaser site still has no information about the story or gameplay, but along with the audio drama and huge cast list that were released last week, you can also check out images of the girls that will star in the game.

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Schoolgirl Strikers will be released in Japan this spring. Unfortunately, you can’t import mobile games, but it’s possible that Square Enix will bring the game overseas like they did with Million Arthur, and hopefully with Japanese voices, as the voice cast was the main selling point when Schoolgirl Strikers was first teased.

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Source: Schoolgirl Strikers official website



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