Nudist Beach’s Aikuro Mikisugi has gained a lot of fans since Studio Trigger‘s hit anime series, Kill la Kill, first aired, mainly because of his over-the-top exhibitionist antics. Now, Trigger has released an official cosplay of the eccentric “Mikisugi-sensei” and it is even approved by Kill La Kill’s creators Kazuki Nakashima and Hiroyuki Imaishi.


Armed with the DTR (Dotonburi Robo), this Mikisugi cosplay certainly does the Nudist Beach operative justice as it employs his most popular aspects- him being nude most of the time and the glowing purple lights which mysteriously always surrounds him.

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Trigger even gives us a behind-the-scenes look at his cosplay photo shoot and both Kill la Kill creators are even present to help out! They used a mix of cardboard, paint, and half an air doll to pull it all off… oh, and glowing purple lights, we never forgot about the glowing purple lights.

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This is when the Kill la Kill creators see the cosplay for the first time

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I swear this is not what it looks like! This is just Kill la Kill creator Kazuki Nakashima giving some pointers on how to cosplay Mikisugi


Studio Trigger is even selling the DTR prop online. The Dotonburi Robo costs 10,000,000 yen. Yes folks, we did not mess up the number of zeroes, it really costs 10 million yen. The prop was made by Japanese cosplayer Yoppi (who also cosplayed the character) with a little help and advice from the anime’s creators as you can see from the image above. You can order it via the official Trigger website.

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You can view more of the behind the scenes photos through this link, though because of the nature of Mikisugi’s character, some of the images may be considered not safe for work (NSFW)

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