Before the Summer 2014 release of the much awaited second season of Sword Art Online, fans of the series are surely in for a special treat as a Sword Art Online Anifone app will be released this Spring 2014, and what makes it great is that it will be released simultaneously worldwide.


That’s right, Japan ain’t gonna be the only country where this special Anifone will be released to as Asia, North America and Europe will also have their respective SAO Anifone releases on the same day. Its Beta version was released last December 2013 and ever since then, the app has experienced over 20,000 downloads.


The release will be carried out in three phases with phase 01 introducing the first 35 floors, phase 02 will take you up to the 55th floor and finally, you can take on floors 56 and up with phase 03. The app may be free but when you reach a certain number of floors, you will be required to pay a certain amount for further updates.

The SAO Anifone lets you have a “link start” smartphone lock and it also lets you create and join guilds with other SAO Anifobne users. You can then challenge bosses with your guild once you get a certain number of members as well as enjoy original content found only with the app. What’s more is that you can completely customize your characters and even have either Asuna or Kirito wake you up.

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The SAO Anifone however will only be available for Android users as the app is currently not compatible for iPhones and other mobile devices. You can download it for free via Google Play once it is finally released (no exact release date set). Now, let’s all say it, Link Start!

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Thanks to my friend Lance for the heads up!


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