In Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment (which is coming out in Chinese and English in late May) for the PS Vita, each of the numerous heroines you (as Kirito) can partner up with possesses a number of costumes that you can unlock as your relationship with her deepens.

Today, we take a brief look at four of them for each heroine (except for Filia, who only has three).

Before we get to the costumes, however, let’s go over what you’ll have to do in Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment to unlock these costumes.

Although the exact conditions to unlock the costumes have not yet been unveiled, Dengeki Online reveals that the conditions have to do with the way you communicate with your partner character and raise her artificial intelligence(AI) or style of play.

Depending on the feedback you provide to your partner character during combat, her AI or style of play changes. You can see that through the “Playing Analysis” menu, which the screenshot below shows:

playing analysis

From top to bottom, this is what the text in the screenshot says:

Favourite sword skill: Penetrate
Commonly used attack support skill: War Cry
Commonly used defense support skill: Parrying
Commonly used debuff suppor skill: Hiding Slide

Battle type
Damage Dealer. One who often aids you with Switches and Combo Skills in combat. A reliable partner who risks life and limb alongside you.

Relationship level: Closeness Rank 3
Max damage: 0

Apart from the text, the Player Analysis menu also has three square-shaped diagrams on the lower left corner that gives you an idea of the sort of attack (in red), defense (blue), and buffing/debuffing (green) actions your partner character will tend to perform.

Red (ATK or Attack)
Combo skills (left)
Attack support (center)
Switches (right)

Blue (DEF or Defense)
Covering Kirito (top)
Drawing hate or aggro from enemies (middle)
Defense support (bottom)

Green (BUF or Buffs/Debuffs)
Healing (top)
Stunning enemies (middle)
Debuffing support (bottom)

When these play styles are changed (which, as we mentioned earlier, are done through providing feedback to your partner during combat) and certain conditions are met, the various heroine costumes that you see below can be unlocked.

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for — let’s see some character costumes!








Looking through the costumes, you may be able to spot certain themes that run through the different designs for each character. Perhaps each costume corresponds to a certain AI or play style?

Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment comes out in Japan and Asia on April 24 (Japanese version). An Asian version with Japanese voices and Chinese/English subtitles will also be available in late May.

You can pre-order the Japanese and Chinese/English versions of the game at Play-Asia here.

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Source: Dengeki Online


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