Namco Bandai has revealed the newest trailer for their upcoming PS3 RPG Tales of Zestiria at Nico Nico Chokaigi 3, giving us a look at the story and characters.

Tales of Zestiria takes place in a world of humans and the “Heavenly Tribe”, mysterious beings who can control nature by using humans as vessels. However, they can only be seen by certain humans, so they have faded into legend. The hero, Slay, dreams of humans and the Heavenly Tribe living together, and he begins a journey by releasing a holy sword and becoming the vessel of a Heavenly Tribe girl named Laila.

Slay laila zest

Along with the characters and cinematic cutscenes, we also get a glimpse of the battle system. Human characters are built for close combat and heavy-hitting physical attacks, while the Heavenly Tribe specialize in mid- and long-ranged attacks, including huge Heaven Echo artes. Although it doesn’t sound too different, Namco Bandai says the battle system will be very different from the past games.

No release date has been announced for Tales of Zestiria yet, but fans of the Tales of series should make sure to keep an eye on this.

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