It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. That pretty much describes Nippon Ichi Software’s yandere-themed bishoujo game.

NIS’s PS3 game I Thought this was Harem Heaven, but it’s Yandere Hell (Haremu Tengoku da to Omottara Yandere Jigoku datta, aka Hanmokku) is a visual novel that tells the story of a boy named Yuuya Kisaragi who is part of his school’s Town History Research Club with three cute girls. Together, they spend their high school lives leisurely until the student council president threatens to disband them if they don’t actually do club activities.


And so Yuuya and the girls decide to create a mascot character in time for the school festival. Based on the dog god of the local shrine, Izaemon is designed by Kanna, made by Sayuri, and worn by the Haruka.


With their mascot rising in popularity and their club safe from termination, Yuuya continues his happy-go-lucky romantic comedy life—

Until someone dressed as Izaemon commits murder!


Upon the tragedy, the tale tumbles downhill as the heroines transform into disturbing yandere.

According to NIS, the game has no good ending. As a sample, they even revealed a bad ending for each of the heroines. CAUTION: Blood and possible spoilers ahead!

Haruka Arisue


The energetic, big-chested loli of the group. She stinks at studying, cooking, and art, but she is very athletic and is on several sports teams.

She used to have an abusive father who beat her, causing her to build a fear of men until she met Yuuya. Later in the game, she becomes a violent yandere.

An outlandish scene unfolded before me.

People were lying on a floor painted dark red.

Arms and legs were bent in directions they weren’t meant to bend in.

None of them moved, not as much as a twitch.

Heads were smashed in, some unidentifiable substance oozing out of them.

Pathetic moaning sounds rang out, growing feeble until there is complete silence.

… I couldn’t understand what was happening before my eyes.

But I could recognize Haruka’s figure.

The one person in the room who could still move.

She quietly lowered a disfigured bat.

“Hey, look, look! All of the nuisances are gone~!”



Kanna Toutoumi


The beautiful, quiet president of the Town History Research Club. She is incredibly intelligent and always receives the top grades. However, she is lazy, dislikes human interaction, and wishes she could shut herself in her home.

As a child, she was neglected by her parents, who were only interested in work. Throughout the game, she becomes a stalker who follows Yuuya from the shadows, takes photos of him, and intercepts his phone calls.

“Hey, can I ask you something?”

—she said, just when I was about to say I was going to call her. I nodded slightly.

I kept walking away from the shrine, when she casually whispered in my ear.

“When did you switch?”

Something entered my body.

Something hard, long, shoving itself through my flesh, piercing disturbingly straight into my center.

There was no pain.

But there was a violent burning sensation.

As if a searing, iron rod had thrust into me, rendering me unable to stand.

Then, only then, did I finally notice it.

The blade plunged deep into my back.



Sayuri Miyasu


A refined lady and the daughter of the town mayor. Her grades and athetic abilities are average, but she is skilled in household tasks, including sewing.

As the daughter of a rich family, she grew up being treated like a doll. Later in the game, she claims Yuuya as her own and collects his hair, used straws, and nail clippings.

There was no wavering in Sayuri-san’s movements.

As if it was perfectly natural, she thrust the scissors into my stomach.

My first reaction was not pain, but shock.

“I await your next incarnation. Until then, Yuuya-san.”

“I shall wait here, forever and ever.”

By then, I couldn’t hear Sayuri-san’s voice.

The pain had blotted out the shock, and I screamed.

“Without further ado, goodbye.”

Kind words filled with pure affection.

That was the last thing I sensed before my consciousness ceased.



I Thought this was Harem Heaven, but it’s Yandere Hell comes out for the PS3 next week on April 24. Yandere fans, are you pumped about this game?

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