In January 2004, a classic was born which really changed the visual novel and anime landscape. Now, 10 years on, Fate/ Stay Night still  remains one of the hottest titles in the visual novel and anime industries with spin-offs, sequels, prequels, mangas, light novels and countless merchandise and figures.

Now, Type Moon Ace is celebrating the Fate series, as well as Type Moon in its entirety with a special exhibit featuring the very best of the fate series. The exhibit can be found in the 5th floor of Gamers Akihabara where it will feature some of your favorite Fate characters until April 13, 2014.


Titled the Type Moon Ace Special Exhibition, it celebrates the 10th anniversary of Fate/ Stay Night as well as promotes the magazine, the upcoming Ichiban Kuji lottery game by Banpresto and the upcoming PS Vita release of Fate/ Hollow Ataraxia as well as the upcoming new Fate/ Stay Night anime by ufotable.

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However, Fate was not the only series featured in the exhibition as Tsukihime and Carnival Phantasm were also well represented.

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Fate spin-offs were also all over the place with series like Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Ilya, Fate/ Zero, Fate/ Extra, and many more all present along with several great artworks and Type Moon Ace magazine covers. A history of the Fate series is also included.

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Fate and Tsukihime fans are certainly going to get some “Heaven’s Feels” in this exhibition so if you are ever in Tokyo before April 13, 2014, you can see these exhibits for yourself.

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