This week’s issue of Famitsu magazine has revealed that the full retail version of Ultra Street Fighter IV (PS3/X360) will be released in Japan on August 7, 2014.

In Japan, first-print editions of the game will receive the 2014 Challenger’s Pack, which are a set of costumes for USF4’s five new characters designed by Udon Entertainment, the studio behind the officially-licensed Street Fighter comics. In the US, the Challenger’s Pack is a pre-order bonus at certain stores.

You can see the 2014 Challenger’s Pack costume designs in the image gallery embedded below.

But before you check out the images, note that each USF4 newcomer also has a default and an alternate costume in the game. According to Famitsu, you will need a Street Fighter X Tekken save file in order to unlock the new characters’ alternate costumes, although there may be other methods of unlocking the costumes (not pictured here).

On top of the retail version’s release details, Famitsu magazine’s feature on USF4 this week also took a brief look at several of the new features in the game: Online Training mode, Edition Select mode, and a new “Network Simulation” feature.

Update: Edition Select is offline-only. I misread the . We apologise for the error.

We won’t go over Online Training mode since it’s pretty self-explanatory. This was a mode that Capcom previously implemented in Street Fighter X Tekken.

Edition Select mode now playable online

What’s really interesting to us is that Edition Select mode, which Capcom announced and showed off previously, will now be fully playable online.

This was something that the fans have been clamoring for ever since the mode was first announced back in March, and it looks like Capcom has finally heeded their call on that.

Network Simulation 

Famitsu magazine also detailed a new Network Simulation feature for USF4, which appears to work exactly like the Lag Simulation option in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

Turning Network Simulation on will allow you to introduce some amount of input lag into the game’s offline modes. This is useful for practicing your combo timings for online situations where lag is unavoidable.

usf4 c

Before Ultra Street Fighter IV hits retail shelves in Japan on August 7 (release dates for other countries are likely to vary), a digital upgrade version of the game for existing Super Street Fighter IV owners will also be available in June.

In Japan, the standard PS3/X360 retail package of the game will be sold for 3,990 yen excluding tax (or 4,309 yen with tax). On top of the standard edition, there will also be a Collector’s Pack — exclusively for the PS3 — that will retail for 4,990 yen excluding tax (5,389 yen with it).

We’re not quite sure what the Collectors’ Pack will include at the moment, or if this PS3-exclusive edition will be available in regions outside of Japan.

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Source: Weekly Famitsu via Otakomu


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