With the recent success of its anime adaptation, Wataru Watanabe’s popular cycling manga Yowamushi Pedal has recently asked its readers who is their favorite character of the series with the Yowamushi Pedal character popularity poll. Now, the results are finally revealed and Akita Shouten’s Weekly Shounen Champion where the manga is currently serialized, has just announced the winners.


Here are the full results of the manga’s official poll:

1) Yuusuke Makishima (3,576 votes)


2) Sakamichi Onoda (2,418 votes)

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 10.36.04 PM

3) Junta Teshima (1,911 votes)


4) Naruko Shoukichi (1,897 votes)


5) Jinpachi Toudou (1,845 votes)


6) Yasutomo Arakita: 1,762 votes

7) Shunsuke Imaizumi: 1,207 votes

8) Hajime Aoyagi: 1,135 votes

9) Sangaku Manami: 1,115 votes

10) Wataru Watanabe (the author): 1,053 votes

11) Akira Midousuji: 991 votes

12) Hayato Shinkai: 836 votes

13) Kimitaka Koga: 725 votes

14) Terufumi Sugimoto: 603 votes

15) Yukinari Kuroda: 506 votes

16) Shingo Kinjou: 351 votes

17) Jin Tadakoro: 346 votes

18) Koutarou Ishigaki: 324 votes

19) Takuto Ashikiba: 322 votes

20) Issa Kaburagi: 316 votes

21) Juichi Fukutomi: 254 votes

22) Touichiro Izumida: 230 votes

23) Komari Kishigami: 196 votes

24) Eikichi Machimiya: 110 votes

25) Tooji Kanzaki: 108 votes

26) Class Representative Miyahara

27) Tomoya Ihara

28) Miki Kanzaki

29) Ryuuhou Danchiku

30) Kaidou Dobashi

31) Otani

It comes to no surprise that the ones who are already introduced in the anime have placed very high with Souhouku’s top climber known as the “Peak Spider”, Yuusuke Makishima taking the top spot. He has proven to be popular with the ladies with his unique charm and personality.

Taking the #2 spot is main character Onoda whose character and portrayal may have echoed the lives of several otakus who are not only into anime but also sports. The #3 spot goes to Teshima Junta who has won over many readers because he may not be as fast or as talented as the other members, but he makes up for it with his tactics and blocking skills.

So, who is your favorite Yowamushi Pedal character?

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Source: Moe Otanews


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