Good Smile x Animate cafe and Cure Maid Cafe, are both serving up some great Love Live!-themed menus with their collaboration with the hit anime series which is not only popular among fans, it is also tearing up the music charts. Both cafes also asked their customers a question, which μ’s member would you like to go on a picnic with?


The “Early Summer Breeze Picnic Girl Election” asked customers of both cafes to participate in an official poll which started last April 25, 2014. Voting has now ended and both cafes managed to garner a total of 28,546 votes.

The official Love Live! website has now revealed the poll’s top 3. So, which μ’s school idol do people want to go on a picnic with the most?

3) Hanayo Koizumi


Taking the third spot is the rice-loving Hanayo who is known for her huge appetite. This may be the fact that many people find girls who love to eat very charming and Hanayo certainly fits the bill. She would certainly be great at picnics with her appetite, just make sure you bring plenty of rice.

2) Kotori Minami


From her lovable reactions to her cheerful personality, Kotori has proven to be one of the most popular μ’s members. She would surely brighten up picnics just with her presence and make it truly memorable.

1) Nico Yazawa


Looks like the customers of both cafes want to see Nico’s “Nico-nico-niiiii” routine as she takes the top spot. Nico has proven to be the life of the party in various occasions so bringing her to a picnic would definitely not be boring. She is fun to be around as she just loves to get people’s attention. Nico-nico-niiiii!!!!!!

Unfortunately, the official Love Live! website only revealed the Top 3. No word on how the others like Maki, Umi, and Honoka have fared in the poll.

So which μ’s member would you like to go on a picnic with?

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Source: Love Live! official website


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