Japan will be celebrating Children’s Day on May 5 and Japanese eBook store, eBook Japan is joining in on the celebrations by asking several people which manga do they want their children to read?

The results for their survey has finally been released and here are their results:

10) Chihayafuru (Yuki Suigetsu)


9) Naruto (Masashi Kishimoto)


8) Slam Dunk (Takehiko Inoue)

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7) Space Brothers (Chuya Koyama)


6) Barefoot Gen (Keiji Nakazawa)


5) Phoenix (Osamu Tezuka)


4) Dragon Ball (Akira Toriyama)


3) Silver Spoon (Hiromi Arakawa)


2) Doraemon (Fujiko F. Fujio)


1) One Piece (Eiichiro Oda)


It is no surprise that majority of the manga titles which people want their children to read are shounen mangas (mangas for young boys) like #1 One Piece, #4 Dragon Ball, #8 Slam Dunk and #9 Naruto. This may be because these are the mangas people have read themselves as kids. Shounen manga have always proven to be popular among the younger demographic and it seems that is not likely to change any time soon.

Comedy manga Doraemon on the other hand is still going strong and is still a classic piece of the Japanese anime and manga subculture. The series has influenced so many people that it is hardly surprising that the manga is on the list, and at #2 at that.

People might also want their kids to learn life lessons like hard work, friendship, and kindness in the other manga titles, most notably Silver Spoon and Space Brothers which can teach people not to work hard yet not burn out themselves, have friends and have a goal in life.

Do you agree with their findings? Which manga titles do you want your kids to read?

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