2014 seems to be the year of The [email protected] as Aniplex+ is going all out with their The [email protected] movie campaign and they are offering the fans some great treats from the series including life-size POP cut-outs of all 13 of 765 Pro’s hardworking idols.


Each cut-out is autographed by the idols themselves and features them as they have appeared in The [email protected] movie. As mentioned earlier, all 13 of the 765 Pro idols (yes, that includes Ritsuko). Since these POP cut-potsere they are:

Miki Hoshii (161cm)

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Azusa Miura (168cm)

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Chihaya Kisaragi (162cm)

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Yukiho Hagiwara (155cm)


Yayoi Takatsuki (145cm)

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Makoto Kikuchi (159cm)

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Ami Futami (158cm)

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Mami Futami (158cm)


Haruka Amami (158cm)


Iori Minase (153cm)

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Takene Shijou (169cm)


Hibiki Ganaha (152cm)

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Ritsuko Akizuki (156cm)

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Each of these life-size autographed [email protected] POP cut-outs are made of 5mm styrene boards and includes a cardboard stand, cushioned packaging and a signed character print. They are sold separately and will cost 15,000 yen each. They are scheduled for release July 2014 and can now be pre-ordered exclusively via Aniplex+ until May 31, 2014.

I wonder if a certain Tekken creator named Katsuhiro Harada will getting his hands on the Iori Minase cut-out? For one thing, I personally would certainly want Chihaya’s cut-out. Now, which of the 13 idols will you choose for yourself?

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Source: Aniplex+


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