FC Barcelona is one of the most historic football teams in the history of the sport, winning four UEFA Champions League titles and is considered the most successful football club in Spain. Now, imagine what will happen if the titular character from the classic sports anime Captain Tsubasa joins the team?


In an exhibition to promote “The World’s Most Popular Sport” known as football or soccer, Tsubasa Ozora, the titular character of the classic anime series can be seen wearing the FC Barcelona jersey alongside some of the team’s biggest names like Argentinian Forward Lionel Messi (#10) and midfielder Andres Iniesta (#8). The diorama will be life-size so you can actually compare yourself with the actual size of the players.


This football exhibition is part of a collaboration between Yōichi Takahashi’s beloved anime and manga series and the global football powerhouse, FC Barcelona, called “Ball Wa Tomodachi, Captain Tsubasa-ten” which means Ball Friends, Captain tsubasa Enhibition. The exhibition will be held starting June 14, 2014 until July 6, 2014 at the Ueno Royal Museum in Tokyo.


The exhibition will also feature artworks and illustrations by series creator Yōichi Takahashi as well as a corner dedicated to the legendary FC Barcelona.

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