Machi Asobi Vol. 12 took place in Tokushima the past weekend, hosting plenty of booths and talk sessions from animation studios and manufacturers like ufotable and Good Smile Company. The festivities are over now, but it didn’t end quietly, as over a hundred cosplayers strutted across a red carpet in East Shinmachi’s shopping district.


Along with the fashion show, the actress unit Tsukineko took the stage during the final hour to announce that the next Machi☆Asobi will take place this fall on October 11 to 13. Then they officially declared the end of Machi☆Asobi.


And then the random folk music started and everyone danced.

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To finish it off, voice actress Kana Akutsu performed the song “Refrain” accompanied by the audience. Then Machi☆Asobi really ended, until October 11.


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