When Japanese sushi chain Kura Sushi announced they will be making two new “Dessert Sushis”, many people in Japan were shocked.



When it comes to Japanese cultural icons, no other food can be described as the best representation of Japanese cuisine than sushi with its colorful patterns and emphasis on the elements of umami and freshness. But when the dessert sushis were announced, it drew mixed reactions from many people all over the country.

The two new dessert sushis are the Caramel Banana Sushi and the Caramel Corn-Mayo sushi, both of which are described as “unappetizing” by many in Japan, even before they are released.

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These two new sushis are part of the collaboration between Kura Sushi and the Morinaga caramel candy known as “Caramel Fes 2014”. The caramel Banana Sushi aims to infuse the different textures of banana, caramel and sushi rice (which is Japanese short-grain rice mixed with vinegar and seasonings) while the Caramel Corn-Mayo is an even more unique blend of corn, mayonnaise, sushi rice, nori and caramel. The collaboration aims to be popular among Morinaga’s target customers which are the kids. These dessert sushis will be available for a limited time from May 29-July 17, 2014 and each plate costs 100 yen.

As mentioned earlier, the reactions were quite mixed in some websites like Hachimakikou with some commenting they want to try it while others say that the mix would be a very bad combination. One commenter has said he might eat it if whipped cream is included while another person wondered if this was an April Fool’s Joke or not.

As a trained chef myself, I am drawn to a unique food such as this as I personally find the flavor combinations both weird and interesting at the same time. After all, we will never know if a food would actually taste good until we try it, right?

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source: Livedoor News via Hachimakikou



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