Nippon Ichi Software has revealed more information on their upcoming dungeon-crawling RPG, including a menacing rival.

God and the Fate Awakening Cross-Thesis (KamiKuro for short) tells the story of a boy named Shin Kamikaze who is assaulted without warning and wakes up to discover that a demon scientist has turned him into a god. As Shin leads an angel army against demons, it turns out that the demons have created their own god.

Hien Inugami (VA: Takehito Koyasu)

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An dark god born in the demon world Evilheim from the power of Fate Awakening Crystals. He is always seeking a stronger enemy to fight, and his power far exceeds that of elite demons and even Shin. Like Shin, he used to be a human.

Pheles Izayoi (VA: Shiki Aoki)

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A general in the demon army. Although she looks like a child, she is a tactical genius who isn’t afraid to use dirty strategies. She looks down on her enemies and even her subordinates, and she will toss her underlings away like pawns.

As you may have noticed, Hien and Pheles are designed by Airi Hori, the artist of NIS’s Legasista and Z/X, while the other characters are designed by Noizi Ito, the character designer of the prequel, The Guided Fate Paradox, and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. As you can tell, the difference in design makes the contrast between the angels and demons even starker.

Like the protagonist of the prequel, Shin can transform into a god form, except Shin can transform into an angel or demon form.

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However, as a dark god, Hien can also transform into a tremendously powerful demon.


Hien will prove to be a major obstacle, but you can make Shin stronger using the game’s Crystal Growth system.


The Crystal Growth screen is a huge map divided into an angel and demon region. Each contain stat bonuses and skills that you will unlock by spending Crystal Points, which you can earn by levelling up, making life-or-death decisions, or interacting with the heroines, Jupiel and Arle. In the latter cases, you will earn either Angel or Demon Crystal Points, which are used to increase the power of your Angel or Demon God forms. This makes your life-or-death decisions even more important.


God and the Fate Awakening Cross-Thesis comes out for the PlayStation 3 on September 25. In the meantime, you can play the prequel, The Guided Fate Paradox.

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