During the 36th Prize Fair in Ariake TOC, Banpresto presented some of their upcoming prizes which include various anime series like K-On!, Attack on Titan and Gundam, as well as video games like Kantai Collection, Monster Hunter and Puzzles & Dragons.

First, let’s take a look at their latest K-On! figures which celebrate the anime’s 5th anniversary. These prizes are some of the most sought-after merchandise from Banpresto as they finally reveal fully painted versions of all five Houkago Tea Time (HTT) members Yui, Mio, Ritsu, Tsumugi and Azusa. All 5 figures are part of their SQ line. Their K-On! fifth anniversary prizes have proven to be popular, so popular that their Ichiban Kuji prizes got sold out on Day One alone.


k-on-5th_02s k-on-5th_03s k-on-5th_04s k-on-5th_05s k-on-5th_06s

They also showed off some very cute Girls und Panzer tanks and figures

galpandefomecha3_01s galpandefomecha3_02s galpandefomecha3_03s galpandefomecha3_04s galpandefomecha3_05s galpandefomecha3_06s galpandefomecha3_07s

The [email protected] movie proved to be a huge success and Banpresto is releasing some new [email protected] figures featuring the 765 Pro idols in their movie outfits. The Star Piece Memories figures of Haruka, miki and Chihaya will be released for three consecutive months starting October 2014 while their Chibi-Kyun Chara [email protected] figures will be released September 2014.

im@s_01s im@s_02s (1) im@s_03s im@s_04s (1)

im@s_05s im@s_06s (1) im@s_07s (1)

The highly anticipated Sword Art Online II was also well represented in Banpresto’s booth

sao2_01s sao2_02s sao2_03s

…along with several new Attack on Titan prize figures which include “Cleaning Levi” and “Cleaning Eren”


shingeki_03s shingeki_04s shingeki_05s

Banpresto also showed off their latest Gundam prizes from their Mecha Saga figure line

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Anime weren’t the only ones featured in the Banpresto booth as Gung Ho Entertainment’s popular puzzle RPG, Puzzles & Dragons had their prizes displayed

pazdra_01s pazdra_02s pazdra_03s

Capcom’s Monster Hunter also had its Banpresto prize figures proudly displayed


ashira_02s ashira_03s ashira_04s ashira_05s ashira_06s ashira_07s

Figures of Homura Akemi from Madoka Magica and Ami from Sailor Moon were also present

PF36017 PF36035

Dragon Ball, Kamen Rider, and even Marvel’s Iron Man were just some of the well known titles on display during the event

PF36016 pf36001 pf36012 PF36038

Finally, Banpresto has announced new figures from the popular DMM browser game, Kantai Collection and displayed some of their Chibi Kyun Charas

kyunkancole_01s kyunkancole_02s kyunkancole_03s kyunkancole_04s kyunkancole_05s

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Source: Master File Blog, Tag Hobby, and Gundam.info


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